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Kamloops, BC  attracts people from all across the world for many reasons. For some, it’s the beauty of the province while for others, it’s the work and business opportunities available. For a few lucky thousand, it’s even a place to call ‘home’. One thing that all these groups have in common, however, is that they’ll likely lean towards the ‘human desire’ to go shopping!

We all love to treat ourselves here and there whether it be a nice day out with food, clothes, collectibles, cosmetics, and so on with our loved ones or our friends. Shopping is also an essential part of life with the need for groceries, clothes and more. 

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the best shopping spots in Kamloops and just what exactly it is they house that makes them stand out as the shopping pinnacles in the city.

1. Valleyview Square

Located just off of the Trans-Canada Highway, is the Valleyview Square shopping center. One of the area’s popular shopping locations, Valleyview is a go-to stop for many residents of the city. Offering up both big brand stores and smaller retailers, Valley View features a wide assortment of options for shoppers. 

From a pet store to a pharmacy, and a mix of restaurants and services, Valleyview Square is perfect for residents who live to the east of Kamloops as they can quickly find many necessities without heading into the downtown district. 


2. Westsyde Shopping Centre

Wanting to shop on a budget? Put most of the money towards the flights and the hotels? Whatever the case may be, Westsyde Shopping Centre – And yes, ‘Westsyde’ is how the name is spelled – has got you covered with discounts and all-around cheap stores.  

The infamous Dollarama chain has a store open here for you to browse through with a light wallet. Filled with everything from snacks to stationery, toys and more, there is always a reason to run in! 

For those living in local neighborhoods, residents have sung praises about this shopping mall due to just how close and accessible it is from their homes. With many closures happening to other centers over the years, Westsyde is all that is left, but it certainly excels at getting the job done. With click and collect available for groceries and alcohol, friendly and welcoming staff, and a brand new Pita Pit restaurant, residents have just about everything they need and all within walking distance.

3. Aberdeen Mall

We’ve spoken about this particular spot on another one of our lists, and we’re more than delighted to speak of it again here. Aberdeen Mall is striking enough to make it one of the many perks of living near downtown Kamloops, and therefore also easily qualifies for a place on this list.

With more than 70 stores and services including restaurants, you can easily make a big day out of Aberdeen Mall with yourself and the family. With larger retailers like Navy and Sephora, you can fork out for the objects that you really need whilst also exploring what more local culture has to offer as part of Kamloops’ local businesses in the mall.

One other thing that we mentioned on our ‘Downtown Kamloops’ list and should mention again here is, for those who live locally, that you may want to consider signing up to Aberdeen Mall’s e-mails on the company’s website, as you may receive special discounts dependent on seasons, sales, loyalty schemes, etc.

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4. Columbia Square

Perhaps a rather cliché name for the province, Columbia Square is still a remarkable shopping center due to how ‘basic’ and straightforward it is. Whilst that may sound like total nonsense at first, allow us to elaborate on what we mean by this.

Kids are hard to please, right? Every parent knows how fussy children can be. But here, at Columbia Square, the kids are easily preoccupied with a McDonald’s restaurant and a new pizza place, keeping them quiet whilst you go about your self-care shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond or browse for new footwear at Shoes Warehouse. Furthermore, one of the few remaining Toys “R” Us stores is located here in this spot.

Unlike most other shopping centers as well, Columbia Square’s development history is available on their website, allowing you to see how and when things came about at this spot and also what is still to come in the future.

5. Sahali Mall

Of course, one of the biggest problems that any shopper has is finding a place to park. Double parking, gridlocked lots, angry drivers – It’s never a pretty sight. But out of all our picks on this list, Sahali Mall easily has the biggest parking lot and is even three times the size of some of the other malls’ ones. As such, you’re unlikely to ever find yourself in the ugly situation of angry drivers and double parkers etc.

As with Valleyview Square, Sahali Mall is another unorthodox shopping center where you’ll find several things that’ll take you by surprise. For one, there’s a British ‘Fox N Hounds’ Pub, and for another, there’s a traveling flu guidance store, as if you’re not on vacation here already. There’s even a gym here where you can take up regular fitness classes to stay in shape.

fitness center

More in line with what you’d expect from a shopping mall, you can also find a hair spa, liquor store, pizza and burger restaurants, a suit tailoring store, and much more.

Sahali Mall is, by and large, one of the grandest places to visit in all of Kamloops, including peaceful parking, unique stores, and cheap food.

6. SmartCentres Kamloops

Those who intended on coming to Kamloops for leisure should probably skim through this one, as SmartCentres is certainly better suited for locals.

Now, first and foremost, there aren’t that many shops here, but that’s because this spot is very much a prime example of ‘Quality over Quantity’. You can do your weekly shopping at the supersized Walmart, with food & medicine and clothes & fashion both having their own entrances to easier navigate where they are in this expansive store.

You can also enjoy a night out with friends or family at the Montana Cookhouse, get a little creative and artistic at Michael’s and Staples, or refurnish your home at Pier 1 Imports. There’s a lot here for locals to keep on returning for and all within a stone throw of several neighborhoods.

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7. Northills Shopping Centre

Our last pick on this list goes to a place that is rather friendly on the wallet, Northills Shopping Centre, with regular discounts and seasonal sales always active in at least one of the stores housed in this spot.

For example, during the month of October, Supplement King hosts a ‘Sweater Weather’ event in which customers are able to order a brand-new sweater online and have it delivered to them no matter where in Canada they are. In certain provinces, including British Columbia, next-day delivery is also available.

You’ll also find a pet store, a liquor store, and even a spices store. Some of these supplies aren’t exactly cheap to come by, so when discounts come to them, as frequently they do, you’d best get stuck in with this shopping spot whilst they last!


Shopping is a modern-day necessity. Whether it be to find a special item, purchase a gift or spoil one’s self, Kamloops has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping. Whether you want to go big or small, take your time or grab what you need and get out of there as quickly as possible, Kamloops has it all! 

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