Moving To and Living In Ashcroft, BC

Formerly known as The Village of Ashcroft, Ashcroft is a small, charming town located in British Columbia. Straddling the Thompson River, Ashcroft is home to only just over 2,000 residents. The tight-knit community is a great place for anyone who wishes to escape the hustle and bustle of a small town and truly live a life of peace and calm. 

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History of Ashcroft, BC

Named after the nearby Ashcroft Manor on Ashcroft Ranch, the town was begun by two brothers whose original plan was to mine for gold. After hearing of failed attempts by other, Englishmen Clement Francis Cornwall and Henry Pennant Cornwall decided to found the town instead. Hailing from Ashcroft in Gloucestershire, they named the area Ashcroft as well. The town was mainly used as a stop for other miners and a place they could saddle their horses. The Cornwall brothers would sell supplies to miners heading through the area. 

In 1884, the Canadian Pacific Railway reached Ashcroft, which later became a major stop for trains dropping off mining supplies. In 1890 the province built a bridge across the Thompson River so travellers could make their way to Ashcroft via trail and then board stagecoaches for their trek up north. When the Pacific Great Eastern Railway (now known as BC Rail) was built running from Squamish to Clinton and Williams Lake, the town lost its relevance as a supply and transit stop. 

From there, residents of Ashcroft relied on farming to support the community, and though quite dry, they were successful thanks to the Thomspon River. In the 1920s, a small Chinese community was successful when they tested growing potatoes and tomatoes in the area. Later, a tomato cannery was built in town and continued until it ultimately closed in the late 1950s. 

Presently, Ashcroft is a small but lovely town that enjoys an idyllic setting along the Thompson River. Residents enjoy the tight-knit atmosphere, friendly neighbours, handful of amenities and ample recreation opportunities found in Ashcroft. 

Where is Ashcroft, BC? 

Specifically, Ashcroft, BC, is located 30 kilometres west of Kamloops Lake, at the confluence of the Bonaparte and Thompson Rivers. It is considered part of Thompson County in the interior portion of BC. Ashcroft falls about 3 hours from Kelowna and 4 hours to Vancouver. 

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What is the Population of Ashcroft, BC? 

There are about 2,000 residents who make up the population of Ashcroft, BC. This number is a slight increase from the 2011 census, which recorded nearly 1,550 residents in the area - a slight dip from the 2000 census that had almost 1,700 at the time. 

Ashcroft, BC Real Estate

Real estate is quite reasonable in Ashcroft, with the average price of homes for sale falling around $334,000. The majority of the housing market in Ashcroft is made up of single-family detached homes which range in size and style. There is a handful of low- to mid-rise condominium units found in the city, as well as mobile homes. 

Generally, homes for sale in Ashcroft offer between two and three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Many lots are comfortably sized, and some even boast ample amounts of acreage or views of the nearby Thompson River.

Ashcroft, BC Weather

Ashcroft, BC, enjoys a unique climate that provides its residents with a dry, semi-arid climate. While not as dry as deserts, Ashcroft does record lower precipitation than surrounding areas. Summers are warm, some of the warmest in the area, and winters are relatively mild. Typically, temperatures do not make their way past 29 degrees, even at the peak of the summer or, alternatively, under -6 degrees in the coldest months. 

Jobs in Ashcroft, BC

Ashcroft is a great place to work as well as set up a business. Ideally located near a major corridor, The Trans Canada Highway, companies are able to quickly send their products around the world in no time. The diverse local economy includes mining, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, and service. 

Both small and large companies/manufacturers have seen the benefits of calling Ashcroft home. Rolgear, a small manufacturer, produces one of the best ratcheting screwdrivers in the world whereas, IG Machine and Fibre, a large company, manufactures granules for roof shingles. 

Other industries in town include travel and tourism. While there is one hotel in the town, Ashcroft River Inn, the is currently promoting an investment opportunity. Ashcroft is the perfect place to invest and develop a small hotel for the community as the growing business sector and tourist popularity has resulted in an ever-high demand. From offering accommodations to travellers, film crews and visiting family members, this underserved area is providing an ideal investment opportunity! 

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Things to Do in Ashcroft, BC

Ashcroft is a charming village filled with plenty of things for residents and visitors to see and do. Wandering through downtown, visiting historic sites, and enjoying the benefits offered by the Thompson River are just a few of the ways one can spend their days in town. 

Camping out along the Thompson River at Legacy Park Campground is a popular activity. A beautiful spot, visitors can pitch tents or park trailers for a one-night trip or extended stay. Walks along the riverbed, fishing or canoeing are popular pastimes for campers to enjoy. 

Ashcroft is a culturally and historically rich community. The village understands the importance of celebrating one’s past and honouring those who came before us. One of the ways Ashcroft is doing this is through community projects such as the popular Mosaics found around town. Founded by Daniel and Marina Papais, who is an award-winning stained glass artist, the Mosaic Walk offers a chance to learn about the area’s history through stunning art pieces. Make sure to check out awe-inspiring pieces at the Ashcroft Library, Ashcroft Legion #113, or St. Alban’s Church.

Desert Hills Ranch is another popular attraction in Ashcroft. A family-owned operation since 1983, Desert Hills Ranch is a large farmers market that grows a wide variety of produce on the farm and in its greenhouses. Due to the unique soil found in Ashcroft, Desert Hills Ranch is able to provide a plethora of locally grown foods for residents and visitors to enjoy. Along with the expansive farmers market, Desert Hills Ranch also features greenhouses with an array of flowers and plants and a small farm with animals for children of all ages to visit. 

Ashcroft is a lovely community that is deeply steeped in history, building on the past to provide a better tomorrow. Quiet neighbourhoods, quality and affordable real estate, friendly neighbours and plenty to see and do await those considering a move to Ashcroft.