5 Perks of Living in a Small Town

There are a handful of different reasons which people decide that small-town living is right for them. Small towns and cities from across the country are seeing more and more residents make the transitions from the big city to a small town. This begs the question - what are the benefits of living in a small town? Below we touch on 5 of the perks of small-town living. 

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1. Lower Cost of Living

One of the top benefits cited by residents moving to small towns is the overall cost of living. Not only is the rapidly increasing cost of real estate driving people from large metropolis’, other costs such as insurance, food and entertainment are also lower in small towns. 

Home and rental insurance can be a fraction of the cost in a small town due to the lower number of violent crimes that occur in a less dense population.  

According to zolo.ca, the average cost of real estate in Vancouver is just shy of $1.5 million, where a small town like Ashcroft, BC has a median value of around $230,000. Vancouver and Ashcroft are roughly 4 hours apart, but the difference is found in smaller, closer cities such as Kelowna, BC which is only 2.5 hours away and has an average real estate cost of over $800,000. 

2. Tight-Knit Atmosphere

Living in a small town like Ashcroft, BC, can be a big transition, especially for someone coming from a large city but there are a plethora of reasons the residents have chosen to stay here which include the tight-knit atmosphere that comes along with it. You can go to the downtown tea shop with a girlfriend and see a good chunk of neighbourhood friends there; your two-person table has just become five. 

The popular bakery in Ashcroft for example, everyone in town knows that this is the place to get all your baked goods, whether it be for your morning breakfast or child's birthday party. One thing these small towns will have in common is that everyone is close and you can always count on your friendly neighbour.

This can have a positive impact on many people in the community. If someone falls ill, everyone will know about it and they will want to come together and do everything they can to help their fellow neighbour. A first-time mother will more than likely receive enough food to last a lifetime when she comes from the hospital. If you paint your garage, everyone will take notice, and be sure to give you all the compliments you deserve. 

Going into your favourite restaurant and having the staff know you so well, they probably wouldn’t need to give you a menu, they know exactly what you are about to order.    

3. Calming 

Waking up the sound of birds instead of heavy traffic and sirens is much more calming and has a tranquil vibe to it. This is probably why you will often see residents sitting outside enjoying their fresh cup of coffee enjoying the morning sun. The same can be seen during the evening hours. Individuals sitting under the stars which is because of the decreased light pollution unlike its metro city neighbours as well as the lack of skyscrapers and tall buildings.  

The same goes to say for peaceful activities such as yoga, or meditation. You can easily go to a park and do these good soul exercises and activities, but it is more peaceful when you don’t have a plethora of people around, with excess noise; a true serenity moment.

More benefits of a calming environment include extra time for your family and friends and more importantly yourself. Not everyone is in a hurry and can really enjoy and live in the moment.   

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4. Tradition focused 

If you have lived in a Metropolitan area, you have probably travelled for big traditional celebrations such as the Canada Day Parade that runs down the main street in the closest small town to you. Maybe your favourite little beach town hosts its annual ice cream festival, or arts and crafts show. Another thing small towns are great for, annual fairs! The members of the community live for their annual traditions that catch the attention of many city-goers, the only difference is for them, they don’t have to travel to join in on the fun. All these celebrations are also a great way for the town to make money, and for the community to come together and enjoy each other's company while making friends with the visitors. 

5. Nature

Big cities become their large size due to the forestry being torn down at some point in history to make more homes. While driving through a small town, you will notice the gorgeous open fields along the highway. If you are visiting or moving in, and check out your new town’s website, you will find a plethora of walking trails and parks. Enjoy the views of the mountains, lakes, ocean, and the perks that come with being surrounded by some of nature's finest offerings. 

Living in the breathtaking surroundings of mountains, oceans and more allows more time for fishing, hiking, water activities, snowboarding and more!

Nature, being close friends with your neighbours, knowing the hottest spots for your favourite cup of tea served by your favourite barista are just some of the reasons you will love living in a small town. If you decide to make a home in a favourite small town, we hope you enjoy it and the many perks that come with it!