Brocklehurst Real Estate

Brocklehurst, commonly referred to as “Brock,” is located in West Kamloops 15 minutes from the downtown core on the north side of the Thompson River. The neighbourhood is ethnically diverse and family-friendly, offering quiet, open streets. It stretches from the north side of the Thompson River and nestles up against Batchelor Hill. Locals will tell you that 12th Street is the dividing line between North Kamloops and Brock. Due to its low altitude and proximity to the Thompson River, Brocklehurst has the warmest climate in the city of Kamloops, meaning longer summers and shorter winters. Housing consists of Senior Assisted Living, detached homes, waterfront properties, several mobile home parks, apartment buildings and strata developments.

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Homes for sale in Brocklehurst, Kamloops, BC